Black Fungus Covid India.
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What is Mucormycosis?

Despite the availability of the coronavirus vaccine, new records are set. Misfortune Never Comes Alone-The New “Black Fungus” Accompanying COVID-19 Wave.

Mucormycosis is a very rare fungus. It is caused when someone is exposed to mucor fungus. The mucor is found in plants, manure, soil and decaying matter. Even it can found in the nares and mucus of healthy people. The infection has set new records of coronavirus cases.

It affects the lungs, brain and sinuses. It becomes worse in the case of diabetes, cancer and immunocompromised patients.

Black Fungus After Covid

During the second wave, this fungal infection becomes a deadly disease. Doctors have claimed that infection would be worsened by using steroids, which is a life-saving treatment option for critically ill COVID patients.

Steroids reduce inflammation in the lungs of covid patients, this way it helps from stopping some of the damage but at the same time also reduce immunity and boost sugar level in diabetic and non-diabetic COVID-19 patients.

So the reduction in immunity is described as a trigger for this fungal infection.

Here the link between COVID and the fungus is explained by Medicosis Perfectionalis.

Mucormycosis in India

The unseen fungal infections are aggravating COVID-19 second wave in India. Also, the vaccine is available now, it still is a big problem until mass vaccination and proper sops are not followed. The Indian variant is considered to be the deadliest among the five covid variants reported up till now. However, claims are made by the experts that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were tested against the new variants and found to be effective.

It is also suggested that to boost the immunity and effect of vaccines, people should get a second shot of a different vaccine which simply means to take a vaccination shot with a combination of Pfizer and Moderna or any other vaccine. Here, you do not forget that vaccinated individuals would have a possibility to get reinfection. The first-ever case of reinfection has already been reported a couple of months back.

According to reports published in Biotica Research Today, cases linked to ‘white fungus‘ infection have been traced in Bihar, which health experts believe to be even scarier than the black fungus threat.

Gujarat is the second worst hit state in terms of fungus infection followed by Madhya Pradesh. The state has reported 1,163 cases and 61 deaths whereas Madhya Pradesh has recorded 575 infections and 31 deaths. The state of Haryana has reported 268 cases and eight deaths while Delhi has recorded 203 cases and one death. In Uttar Pradesh, 169 cases of mucormycosis and eight deaths due to it have been reported.

Its neighbouring state Bihar has recorded 103 cases and two deaths. Chhattisgarh has reported 101 infections and one death, Karnataka reported 97 cases and no death, Telangana has 90 cases and ten deaths. Intestinal mucormycosis is a very ‘rare disease’, and most commonly involves the stomach or large intestine. According to the recent report of News18 India on 23rd May 2021, rare cases of small intestine Black Fungus infection were found in Patients at Delhi Hospital

Mucormycosis Symptoms

India has reported nearly 9000 cases of the deadly fungus. “No fungus patient has a normal blood sugar level,” Dr Akshay Nayar said. Although it is not contagious still it is life-threatening. Respiratory related symptoms include cough, fever, chest pain and shortness of breath while skin-related symptoms include blackened skin tissue, blisters and ulcers.

According to, as of today 170M coronavirus cases, 3.5M deaths and a total of 152M were recovered. The United States is at the top of the list with 33.3M cases and India with 27.7M cases and 353K deaths so far. Next to India is Brazil with 16.4M cases.

Citrus Fruits are recommended to boost immunity. We hope that mass vaccination would be a source of more recoveries and in combination with following strict sops, we will move back to normal life.

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