how to start a blog in 2021
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Are curious to start a blog in 2021? Learn how to create a blog for free.

Think about who you want to reach with your writing. It can be general public or scientific audience.  

Being a blogger, I will share how to start a blog step by step.

You can start a blog on any topic. But if you are writing a blog on science means you will writing interesting scientific facts. You must provide accurate information. Citing references is the most important element in scientific writing.

Today, I am going to write about how to create a blog. Second, you will get to how to write about science. Finally, you will learn how to make money from a blog.

How to Create a Blog Free

Step by Step Guide to Start a Blog – Blogging Beginners Guide

Are you looking for step by step guide on how to start a blog for free?

Note! This is a free guide for beginners in blogging. Follow the following steps to create a blog free. It’s easy to do.

1. First thing first. Find a Nice to Write on

First, think about what can you write about. Topics you are fond of. It can be what you have studied or what you are studying right now. Take a breath search for upcoming ideas and note them down.

Meanwhile, you can check out health, nutrition, fitness, biology and food as your niche. Business strategies, travel or any interesting aspect of life.

2. Second – Find the Relevant Blog Keyword

You will have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization before you begin to build a blog. SEO is done in order to attract search traffic to your blog from search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Find the relevant keyword of your topic. With so many SEO techniques out there in the market, you will be confused to opt for one. I will recommend you follow Neil Patel to learn about SEO and keyword strategies. He also offers a free keyword tool that provides keyword and content suggestions. Go to Ubersuggest to follow free plans along with paid ones.

3. Before you Start, Make an Outline for the Blog Article

Creating an outline for your blog post helps you to stay in your area. Many science writers follow this method. An outline will aid in organizing the information.

It will allow you to search better for your topic. What you already know and what’s need to researched more?

4. It’s Time to Search Your Content from Reliable Sources

When you are writing a scientific blog, you must your content from authentic sources. You must be assured that it is correct and updated. Add reliable and authentic reference is necessary for science writing.

Crosscheck the citation and references to confirm whether the information from the source is valid. You can simply add hyperlinks throughout the text.

5. Now Write it down

Begin with writing your draft. Write want ever comes into your mind. Forget about mistakes and don’t waste your time over a sentence at the same time.

A catchy picture in your blog post will be worth it. It’s key to attract the reader. Also, add a small and nice caption to the picture.

Keeping in mind, who are writing for. Students will be searching for study material. Businessmen looking for novel strategies. Research scientists and lab fellows seeking experiment and research articles and news.

6. Now it’s time to publish

Before you hit publish, you must proofread it gain for grammar correction, SEO optimization, content provided and catchy image.

Once you’ve written your blog, check whether you bring in an attractive introduction to the topic and at the same time ending the paragraph of your content. This makes the impressions.

Be social – Share it on social media platforms.

Share your blog post over social platforms. Search engines not only goes for keyword optimization but also go over social sharing. Algorithms gave weightage to sharing of blog content over social media.

Learn to Make Money Blog

Create a Blog For Free

Science blogs can be a source of money-making. First of all, learn how to start blogging. Secondly, find the best platform such as WordPress. Now, buy a domain and hosting.

Before that think of your niche and extract the best keyword of it. Now, write articles daily. Update your audience on the latest science news. Wait for the visitors to land on your site.

This is the time when you are receiving hits over your posts, start advertising through affiliate marketing or Google Adsense.

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Hire a Freelance Writer

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10 Best Free Blog Writing Sites to Start a blog in 2021

  1. WordPress
  2. Medium
  3. Wix
  4. Ghost
  5. Blogger
  6. Weebly
  7. Jimdo
  8. Yola
  9. Tumblr
  10. Joomla

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How to Write about Science?

Science writing is a necessary step in the scientific process that is overlooked by beginners. The ability to communicate effectively is crucial for success in the scientific journey.

You have to avoid mistakes to communicate well to the general public about your article, research or lab work. Otherwise, it will be all wasted.

Ed Yong, a great science writer says, “Start with what you know, it’s really easy, what you heard from students. Writing about a topic means you will reading a lot and thinking deeply before you begin to write a science word.”

Few blogging writing tips for you.

Identify your audience to write for them. Don’t write for yourself, write for your reader, help to read with ease. Avoid jargon. Be authentic and cite scientific facts correctly. Your writing piece must depict clarity, brevity, parallelism and logical structure.

We as scientific writers have a natural tendency to write passive sentences. Change your voice to active to make it direct, clear and easier for the reader. Your reader will understand, enjoy reading and will be thank you for making it a great piece.

Over to you!

Finally, you have to learn, how to blog. Now it’s time to take action.

So what are you planning? Which niche are you going to choose for your blog?

 Just leave in the comments on which topic are going to write on.

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